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Re: Who fought better when they lost the title? Braddock or Walcott? 1 reply Boxing
Re: Marciano’s Power was a MYTH 1 reply Boxing
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Re: Would Prime Tyson Beat Anyone Under 6'3"? 3 replies Boxing
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Booker T-- The most successful African American wrestler of all time? 3 replies Wrestling
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Re: Joe Frazier’s Top 5 Victories (Video) 0 replies Boxing
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Re: Joe Louis Vs. Mike Tyson 4 replies Boxing
Re: Who came the closest to knocking out Muhammad Ali? 0 replies Boxing
Re: Evander Holyfield is an all-time great heavyweight champion--Convince Me 0 replies Boxing
Re: Shavers V. Holyfield 0 replies Boxing
Re: Why wasn't Joe Frazier feared? 6 replies Boxing
Re: David Tua v. Jess Willard and Primo Carnera 0 replies Boxing
Re: That Ref or Judge should have been fired! 0 replies Boxing
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