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Re: Who was heavyweight champion the year you were born 0 replies Boxing
1991 -Tyson, Lewis, Bowe , Foreman, Holmes and Holyfield 6 replies Boxing
Re: Evander Holyfield's Family Drama 0 replies Boxing
Re: The Rahman Punch that knocked Lennox TFO 0 replies Boxing
Re: Aside from Muhammad Ali, who beats prime Sonny Liston? 1 reply Boxing
Re: Tomato Cans 0 replies Boxing
Re: Why wasn't Joe Frazier feared? 0 replies Boxing
Re: Holyfield V. Norton 0 replies Boxing
Re: 1983 Holmes V. 1919 Jack Dempsey 0 replies Boxing
Re: Chris Byrd says his dreads used to cushion blows... 0 replies Boxing
Re: r 1 reply Boxing
Re: Lennox Lewis (2002) Versus Smokin' Joe Frazier (1971) 0 replies Boxing
Re: I sparred with Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, David Tua and others 0 replies Boxing
Re: Frazier v. Holyfield (Article) 0 replies Boxing
Re: Who was the hardest hitting non-heavyweight? 1 reply Boxing
Re: Frazier v. Holyfield (Article) 3 replies Boxing
Re: Upcoming Andre The Giant Documentary 1 reply Wrestling
Re: Ronda Rousey joins WWE 2 replies Wrestling
Re: Vince McMahon-XFL Returns in 2020 2 replies Wrestling
Re: Bert Cooper v. Evander Holyfield (video) 5 replies Boxing
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