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Re: Lennox Lewis (2002) Versus Mike Tyson (1988) 0 replies Boxing
Re: Best Former Boxer To Commentate 1 reply Boxing
Re: The dubious Leotis Martin "knockout" of Sonny Liston 3 replies Boxing
The dubious Leotis Martin "knockout" of Sonny Liston 4 replies Boxing
Bonecrusher Smith is a LIAR 1 reply Boxing
Why didnt Frazier and Liston ever fight in the '60s? 12 replies Boxing
Jack Johnson versus Tony Galento 1 reply Boxing
1974 Muhammad Ali versus 1994 George Foreman 0 replies Boxing
Re: Getting hit feels like..... 2 replies Boxing
Re: This might be a stupid thread but I'm curious 1 reply Boxing
Marciano’s Power was a MYTH 5 replies Boxing
Re: Watch George Foreman’s son fight 3 replies Boxing
Re: Last public appearance of Joe Louis 24 replies Boxing
Re: Muhammad Ali: "Joe Frazier was the only guy that talked back!" 0 replies Boxing
Re: Tyson-Holyfield 2 "The Bite Fight" 5 replies Boxing
Re: Holyfield almost knocked out the ref!! 2 replies Boxing
Re: Shavers destroying Ken Norton 0 replies Boxing
Saved by the bell 0 replies Boxing
The three knockdown rule 1 reply Boxing
Re: Fight Styles Breakdown 2 replies Boxing
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